The labs are home to a number of projects in various states of completion. Most of these are just toys, but some of them might actually be useful. Some are so old that I don't even touch the code anymore.


Back in 2000, I ran across the NIALL idea for building a chatterbot. I adopted the same idea under the name Neil, and have since written countless versions of my own.
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GPS Maps

I've been collecting traces on my little hiking GPS since 2007, and in the summer of 2010 I finally decided to do something with them. A little hacking away with Processing resulted in a tool for visualizing the maps.
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Mud Toys

I was introduced to mudding as a summer student at Argonne, and after a while I decided it was time to hack up some toys for it. I've written several minor objects and tools for the two muds I now frequent, and the more interesting hacks are stored here.
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Wiki Hacking

After using wikis at the lab as a documentation tool, I decided to set up my own on my web server for use at home. After a while I started playing with aspects of it to make it work a little more like I wanted.
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In early 2010 I finally started playing with Arduino boards, and by September of that year I had a nice little carputer working. Currently, it shows speed, heading, altitude, and few other things on a little LCD display and records GPS traces on a microSD card.
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Back before Linux software had trendy names, I wrote a webcam frontend with the GTK+ widget set. There are now much better tools for grabbing frames from cameras, but at the time I wrote it mine was one of the best.
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In 2002 I got myself my first laptop, a little G3 iBook. A year later I got a digital camera and started using iPhoto to manage my pictures. I was disappointed in iPhoto's web export, so one afternoon I started writing an Applescript that would export albums more to my taste.
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